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Customary and Reasonable
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5/9/2011 at 2:23:26 AM GMT
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Customary and Reasonable
I was just wondering if other people have recently been getting these random "requests for appraisal".   In the past two weeks I have gotten three emails that stated an appraisal had been assigned to me, I  must respond within 4 hours or the appraisal would be reassigned.  They were offering a fee of $250.00 for a 1004 with the MC and a three day turn time.  

5/10/2011 at 1:24:07 PM GMT
Posts: 8
I used to get some of those requests, but not anymore.  i just reply with my full fee offer and the see what will happen.  Sometimes I get the updated fee request, others I did not.  Too many bottom feeding appraisers with too little work.  I wonder what happened with Monica and a statement about the C/R fees that our association was to look into?

5/10/2011 at 1:45:34 PM GMT
Posts: 297

Well I did not even respond on these three.  They were in Albuquerque and I knew there would be someone who would take them for that fee.  I did actually quote my fee on one out of the city and after a week or so they did call me and ask if I could still do it.  No problem my fee longer turn time. 

I still feel that the key to this customary and reasonable fee is not gov. regulation but appraisers actually standing up and saying no.  I know some are hungry and afraid.

5/13/2011 at 4:16:01 PM GMT
Posts: 11


I think one thing in your post sums it up- that there ARE appraisers who will take the lower fees. Now, how you are going to convince them not to do so is something else entirely. Good luck.

I have seen the enemy and he is US.  Boy am I glad I am OLD!

Brad Ellis


7/2/2011 at 1:59:53 AM GMT
Posts: 90
Just to let you know I won't do a residential appraisal in San Diego below my typical fee and turn-time. That should be good news for the appraisers who want to go after any order. 

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