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Cloud Technology 3 T. Cullen Ok so this cloud is basically a web based offsite server.  I do not understand why the security of the cloud is that different from any off site storage.   My data is backed up on carbonite, some people use the Total program and back up to their vault.  Is it the application program and the data being accessed and used online rather than being done on and uploaded from my personal computer the reason for the concern?  Thanks
by C. Ames, IFA
Tuesday, July 19, 2011
ACI sketch vs Apex 0 C. Ames, IFA Anyone have experience with ACI sketch? I recently had to buy a new computer. It has windows 7. My current Apex sketch does not work on windows 7.  ACI sketch is part of my package, Apex is an additional fee.  I really love Apex but do not know if I love it for an additional $199.00 if the ACI sketch program works as well. Thanks
by C. Ames, IFA
Monday, June 27, 2011
Day One software 0 L. Lansford I have to transisition (due to the coming UAD) from my long-time friend Day One software.  I am looking for advice from other appraisers who previously (or, perhaps still do) used Day One and, importantly, liked using it. Question: Which appraisal software is most similar to Day One in ease of operation? I'm not looking for all of "bells and whistles"; I want a software that what will allow me to transistion from Day One as easily as possible. Any advice?  
by L. Lansford
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
Power Point Projector 1 J. Pearson, IFAS, IFA Jim,   Have you checked out any of the Pico projectors? I have not but am told they have recently improved the projection quality to the point where it is usable for at least a small class- and they are SO small- cell phone size. For that matter it looks like some of the new smart phones may end up incorporating them. Brad  
by B. Ellis
Friday, May 13, 2011
Internet Explorer vs. Mozilla Firefox 1 J. Pearson, IFAS, IFA Jim, I switched to Explorer 9 about 2 days before the new Firefox was available - poor timing on my part. I found no discernable difference in the E9 from E8. I had used Firefox for several months a year ago and will be switching to the new version next week.
by N. Schaeffer
Thursday, May 5, 2011
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