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NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS 0 P. Middaugh I have just been told that I am being assessed a $544.00 fine for having a trainee who is not a member of NAR. This trainee is doing commercial work only and our MLS does not have any commercial data. Is it any question why we do not have anyone willing to take on a trainee.
by P. Middaugh
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
37 YEAR SUNBELT APPRAISAL PRACTICE FOR SALE 0 K. Odenheim, IFAS Full-service 37-year General appraisal practice commanding area's highest fees for sale in Las Cruces, New Mexico's second largest City (100K) and home of New Mexico State University.  Broad clientele and scope of work including alternative energy, solar, green structures, farm & ranch, residential, commercial, industrial, water rights,  litigation, eminent domain, estates, partial interests, vacant land, subdivisions, and city, county, state and federal governments. City's predominant appraiser since 1982 w/existing contract to run 4.5 more years. 35 years of archived data in Non-disclosure state. Extensive 500-volume library, state of the art hardware and software, diverse and loyal clientele. Plentiful work opportunities. sGeneral appraisers of which I am the most senior have recently decreased to 4 from 8 practitioners, due to retirement. Wonderful climate at 4,000' asl w/clean air, big skies, 330 sunny days a year, and winter days of 50-60 degrees. Little traffic, great and inexpensive restaurants, GREAT WAC sports (football, baseball, basketball, volleyball), multiple theater venues, rodeos, and community fiestas. Lake and mountain streams for fishing and water sports. Many historic, national, and international sites Cliff dwellings, White Sands, Billy the Kid, Sheriff Pat Garret, alpine mountains and desert for skiing, hiking, camping and hunting. Median residential price is $140K+/-. gas always below natl. average, friendly folks, and many local fiestas. Call or email Ken Odenheim, IFAS,, 575-522-4474 (O), 575-522-8814 (H), 575-619-0850 (C), and 775-361-0895 (F) for more information
by K. Odenheim, IFAS
Monday, December 14, 2015
Chicago area builder floor plans - free 0 G. Daniels Hi,  I have hundreds of builder model home floor plans for the Chicagoland area that I am giving away.  I am located in Schaumburg, IL.  Contact me at or call 847 882-5892.  Thanks.
by G. Daniels
Tuesday, July 14, 2015
JOB Opportunity in San Diego, CA 0 C. Spencer We are a national AMC looking for a QC Analyst, who is an active Certified Appraiser.  This individual will review, and analyze residential appraisal reports to validate accuracy, appraisal methodology, and compliance within industry standards.  This is not a remote position, we are looking for someone who wants a set Monday thru Friday normal business hour schedule. Please send your resume to Connie Spencer:, if you're interested.
by C. Spencer
Friday, June 5, 2015
franklin's adverse market conditions policy from appraisal standards 1 C. Whitworth They may be talking about Franklin Mortgage Company's policy on adverse market conditions. You could probably google it and find the info. But, I don't know the relationship between the two (Franklin Mortgage/USDA).
by E. Kern
Wednesday, October 8, 2014
commercial development impact on residential values 1 A. MacInnes I will try and send a couple of reports, not sure if it will help, but the concepts might get you going in the right direction. Chuck
by C. Blau
Wednesday, February 5, 2014
National office wasting money??? 1 D. Siegel Denise Thank you for your comments. As you know we are trying to not only retain our current members but increase our membership.  I get frustrated with people who get upset about negative comments. In my opinion we need these comments.  Just saying what we are doing right is sort of sticking our head in the sand. . We also need to know what we are doing wrong so we can work to correct it.  Carol      
by C. Ames, IFA
Tuesday, January 21, 2014
In Remembrance 0 Toni Barbarone With our deepest sympathy, we regret to announce the passing of Olga Tewksbury, domestic partner of Past National President David M. Kaplan. Olga passed away yesterday, January 15, 2014, at the age of 92. Olga was not an NAIFA member, however she attended over 20 National Conferences, and was very active in the organization over the past 30 years. Olga was friendly with many NAIFA members, and will be missed greatly. There is no service information at this time. 
by Toni Barbarone
Thursday, January 16, 2014
2013 NAIFA Conference - Appraisal Foundation Update Documents Locked Topic 0 M. McCann Attached are the Appraisal Foundation Valuation Advisories provided by John Marrazzo, IFAS, one of the Appraisal Foundation Update speakers at the 2013 NAIFA Conference.
by M. McCann
Monday, September 30, 2013
Windows 8 5 N. Schaeffer I am using it and it works fine.  It's designed to be always on and they didn't make it easy to find the actual power off or restart setting.  (Windows Key + C, then settings by the way)You can use it just like any other version of windows by clicking the Windows Desktop button on the screen or the keyboard.  Once you get used to it works fine, probably a little better than Windows7, but it does take some time to get used to is.Seems more stable than Windows7...  I give it an A- overall...
by P. W
Friday, June 21, 2013
Tampa, FL Ind Contractor 0 P. W I am looking for an Residential independent contractor to add to my business.  We are doing 20-25 appraisal per week with myself and two other appraisers.  The only limit to our volume is appraisers to do the assignments.  Currently my two independent contractors are making between 50k and 80k.I have over 25 years of experience in the market, nearly 20 in the field with about 5 years as a reviewer/analyst for lenders and a GSE.  Our process is streamlined and very technological.  We have office staff that will complete a great deal of the data entry portion of the report allowing the appraiser to focus on comparable selection, inspection and analysis.I might consider the right Trainee.Any candidate must be willing to learn or re-learn the appraisal process so if you are a long time appraiser and set in your ways this may not be the position for you.Independent contractor agreement with client non-compete required. We need actual appraisers, NO QC, NO REVIEWERS.   Send Resume to:
by P. W
Friday, June 21, 2013
Help 0 C. Ames, IFA Does anyone out there know why when I receive a message in my gmail account from NAIFA news all I get is a picture of our president, lovely lady but really want to see her message. The confusing thing is I can see the picture and the message on my phone, just not on my computer.  Once it is on facebook I can see it, I can see it once it posts to this site, just cannot see the message part of the email on the computer. It this just a Windows 8 glitch or does someone know what I can do.  Thanks. Carol
by C. Ames, IFA
Friday, May 31, 2013
Latest NAIFA News 0 C. Ames, IFA I just read the latest NAIFA News. Thank you Molly for the timely reminder of what we owe to the military who serve now and have served in the past.
by C. Ames, IFA
Wednesday, May 22, 2013
Tornados 0 C. Ames, IFA Saw the tornado footage from Oklahoma. I hope all of our members and friends are ok
by C. Ames, IFA
Monday, May 20, 2013
Post Your Odd Find 0 M. Evans We all see strange things from time-to-time.  I thought it would be neat to share what you saw that was odd or unusual. Such as:I was at a property the other day that had a simple ranch style dwelling and detached garage on about 1.3 acres.  The owner wanted to show me something "unique".  He took me to the corner of the property where he showed me a SCHOOL BUS that had been buried into a hill which the back emergency escape door sticking out.  He was so proud!!!  It had walls, electricity, and a ventilation system.   There was full sized bed made up in case you were so inclined to stay there while visiting.  He really thought is was valuable.   Next.
by M. Evans
Monday, April 15, 2013
Review??????????? 2 C. Ames, IFA Perhaps the review appraiser needs to re-read USPAP.  The response is totally inappropriate.Sometimes the things we have to confront are ridiculous.  Best of luck on it.
by D. Beccaria
Friday, April 5, 2013
Immediate Opening: Certified Residential needed in Chicago-area 1 L. Schneller Krueger Appraisal Services, Inc. is seeking residential appraisers for the Chicago area, specifically Lake, Cook, Will, Dupage, McHenry, Kane, Kendall, Dekalb and LaSalle Counties. Experience prefered, but not necessary. We are willing to work with the right Trainee candidate. Please send your resume to for consideration.You can find more about us online at
by L. Schneller
Wednesday, April 3, 2013
Functional Obsolescence due to RR 4 M. Evans I am sure you all have neighborhoods similar to what is here.  Thinking back 112+ years ago, many of the towns were constructed near the downtown area.  Of course what ran through the center of the town?  A railroad track.  It is expected that if one buys a house that was constructed around that time period, within the city limits, that a railroad track would be present nearby.  I did not discount the value due to the railroad track, though the lender thought it was necessary.  Like you all, I certainly think it is in the land value, but try to find land sales in a dense residential area that began 100+ years ago.   I haven't heard back from them so I guess it's ok Thanks,
by M. Evans
Tuesday, January 29, 2013
Moving Forward 1 D. Forsberg Diane,I can assure you that we will not let personal agendas get in the way of common sense or the will of the Board.  The Board asked for a task force to be set up and to do our due dillengence and to make a counter offer if that is their will.  Molly is presently completing the task force assignments which will report back to the 2013 Board. Chuck 
by C. Blau
Thursday, November 29, 2012
Latest Appraisers' Voice 0 C. Ames, IFA I just read the latest Appraisers' Voice.  This could not have been more timely.  Our New Mexico coalition is working on issues that are coming up in our legislative session next year.  The coalition board members have heard from people who complain about what we do or do not do and how we do it.  We invited these people to our meeting last Friday to welcome their input.   Chuck could have been listening to our meeting, none of them came.  Some people just like to complain, some people want to make a difference.  Chuck is correct, have a voice. Join, make a difference.  
by C. Ames, IFA
Wednesday, November 14, 2012
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