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Windows 8
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4/11/2013 at 12:49:24 AM GMT
Posts: 20
Windows 8

Any comments on Windows 8?

"It is not at all simple to understand the simple." (Eric. Hoffer)

4/13/2013 at 4:50:27 AM GMT
Posts: 297

Not impressed. Another Microsoft memory hog.  Setting up my email was another challenge since they changed the live email from the windows 7 platform and now they have the "improved" outlook.  They have large squares they call apps. After I stepped back and thought ok just do a workaround. They are calling things apps which were previously icons.  Click on desktop app and go as usual to the desktop. 

I suspect that this was not designed for people like me who just want to open their computer, log on to the report software,  go to the internet and get data then complete and upload a report. .


4/15/2013 at 5:25:32 PM GMT
Posts: 17

I played around with it at Office Depot the other day.  It was designed more for the touch screen computer, but found that they made several new  "mouses" specifically for this OS so you can get the effect of it.   

I liked it to an extent.  It does have "apps" which take up most of the screen.  I have toyed with purchasing it, but haven't felt the need yet.  It does look a little bulky. 


If you decide to get it keep us updated.  I am satisfied with Windows 7 right now. 

4/17/2013 at 2:01:25 PM GMT
Posts: 20

I haven't personally used it except to install a couple of software packages on the W8 desktop my wife recently purchased. Interestingly,  the folks at Best Buy, Office Deport, Staples, and Office Max were forthright when stating that customers who purchased W8 found it to be confusing and were very "unhappy" with the system.

As Carol and Mark point out, W8 was designed for touch-screen and is a MEMORY HOG. I sadly sense that W8 is simply Microsoft's "me too" response to the continuing market acceptance and growth of other platform venues - tablets and smart phones. Industry reports indicate PC sales have flat-lined, if not nose-dived. Can that be attributed to W8? I  don't know - put it certainly hasn't helped.




"It is not at all simple to understand the simple." (Eric. Hoffer)

4/17/2013 at 2:26:20 PM GMT
Posts: 297

I really have not had time or inclination to actually see what all it does. Usually I shop around and actually enjoy learning new things. My computer was stolen so this time I had to hurry and get a new computer so I could get back to work.  Windows 8 is what they had at the store.

6/21/2013 at 5:39:15 PM GMT
Posts: 5

I am using it and it works fine.  It's designed to be always on and they didn't make it easy to find the actual power off or restart setting.  (Windows Key + C, then settings by the way)

You can use it just like any other version of windows by clicking the Windows Desktop button on the screen or the keyboard. 

Once you get used to it works fine, probably a little better than Windows7, but it does take some time to get used to is.

Seems more stable than Windows7...  I give it an A- overall...

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